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About Lee Kirk & Sons Septic

No one wants to deal with a failed septic system, so choose Lee Kirk & Sons Septic in Lakeland, Florida to care for your septic and waste removal needs, and you will be in good hands. We serve all of Polk County with septic tank cleaning and pumping, septic system installation, drain field repair, pump repair and more.

Septic Services

For expert septic services in Lakeland, Florida, call us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic. We have been serving Polk County for over 50 years and always strive for the ultimate satisfaction of all our customers. The residential septic services we offer include: Pump Pump Repairs & Replacement, Septic Tank Installation, & Septic Tank Pumping.

Septic System Warranties

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic in Lakeland, Florida, we take so much pride in our workmanship that we offer a FREE 5-year warranty on all new septic tank and drain field systems we install. That means if any part of your septic system fails within the specified warranty period, we will fix it quickly, efficiently, and at absolutely no cost to you.

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Lee Kirk & Sons Septic
665 Old Polk City Road
Lakeland, FL 33809
United States
Telephone: (863) 858-6007

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