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Keeping your septic system in the best possible condition is simple when you’re well-informed about what not to do.

Whether you’re new to having a septic system or you just need a refresher on how to keep it well-maintained, we’re here to help at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic. We’ve been in this business for decades, so we’re extremely familiar with what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your septic system.

Maintenance Tips

Here are several maintenance tips to remember

Don’t put grease, oil, or fats down the drain.

Because your septic system isn’t designed to break down butter, animal fats, salad dressings, mayo, and other similar food items, you should always avoid putting them down the drain if you want to prevent consequences like backups, blockages, and overflows.

Check for leaky toilets.

Septic systems can only handle so many gallons of water per day, so it’s important to make sure you don’t have leaky toilets. Leaky toilets that remain unresolved for many days or weeks will oversaturate your drain field and cause everything to back up because you have a water source running constantly.

Avoid using antibacterial soap when you wash dishes.

Your septic system depends on bacteria to break down waste. Antibacterial soap can disrupt and slow down the sewage treatment process by killing the “good” bacteria.

Don’t flush wipes..

Just because they’re called “flushable wipes” doesn’t mean you really should flush them. Wipes don’t ever deteriorate, so they’re harmful to your septic system.

Limit your garbage disposal use.

We don’t recommend using a garbage disposal when you have a septic system because raw or cooked food scraps will accumulate and render your system less effective. If you must use a garbage disposal, do so sparingly.