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Septic Tank Cleaning, Lakeland, FL

Instead of waiting for problem to occur, call us to schedule regular septic tank cleaning in Lakeland, FL.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Lakeland, FLSeptic Tank Cleaning in Lakeland – Septic systems help to process and separate solid waste from liquid waste that comes from drains in a home or office. After moving through the pipes and into the drain, the solid waste settles at the bottom, while the liquid waste can move through the tank and out into the soil after being processed with chemicals. Since the sludge remains in the tank, it will build up and can cause backup if not properly cleaned and pumped on a regular basis.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we offer septic tank cleaning services to properties in Lakeland and surrounding areas of Central Florida.

When our technicians come to your property to perform septic tank cleaning, they will start by bringing a large truck with suction to remove the sludge from the tank. The tank also contains a filter that we will clean as part of the process, which allows the tank to continue to filter waste from water. Over time, the sludge that stays behind in the tank can get too close to the opening of the tank, causing the system to back up into the home or around the yard. This problem is both frustrating and concerning, since it can cause a health hazard.

Instead of waiting for problem to occur, call us to schedule regular septic tank cleaning in Lakeland. When we clean and pump the tank about once every 3-5 years, it can prevent a lot of problems. Those with larger capacity tanks may want to schedule the cleaning process more often.


Here at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic we offer quality septic tank cleaning for customers in Central Florida, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City, Bartow, Brandon, East Tampa, DavenportPolk County, Lakeland Highlands, and the surrounding cities.