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Our technicians are trained in top-of-the-line drain field repair in Polk County, FL.

Drain Field Repair, Polk County, FLDrain Field Repair in Polk County – Septic systems serve an important purpose in areas that are too far away from a large sewage treatment plant.  They break down the sewage that comes from your home or business in such a way as to preserve the environment.  There are several components that comprise a fully functioning septic system.  These components include things such as pipes, septic tanks, access covers, distribution boxes, and a drain field.  If any of these components begins to malfunction, you can end up with a costly repair on your hands.

While it is important to watch carefully for signs of issues with any part of your Polk County, FL septic system, the drain field is one of the most important parts of the septic system and can be costly to repair—or replace.

Here are some clues that your drain field may be failing and need repair:

  • Sewage odor in the yard
  • Puddles of water where there shouldn’t be
  • Water backing up into your home

If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time for a drain field repair.

Three Signs That You Need Drain Field Repair

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, our technicians are trained in top-of-the-line drain field repair.  We have been in business for over 50 years and have vast experience in septic system repairs, including drain field repair.  We know how to assess whether your drain field is functioning properly and the extent of the repair needed, if any.  If the damage to your drain field is too great, we can consult with you on the possibility of installing a new drain field and the timeframe in which it needs to be completed in order to maintain the integrity of your septic system.  If you notice signs of drain field failure, contact us.  Let our technicians assist you in maintaining a septic system that will function for years to come.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we offer drain field repair services in Polk County and the rest of Central Florida, including Lakeland, Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, Tampa, Bartow, Brandon, Lake Wales, Pine Hills, Fort Meade, Haines City, and East Tampa.