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Here at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we understand that moving to a home with a septic system can be a big adjustment if you’re used to living on a municipal sewer grid. However, we want to assure you that maintaining your system is not as intimidating as it sounds, as the main thing you’ll need to do is have it cleaned and inspected once a year. To help you feel more confident in this adjustment, in this article we’ll go over what you can expect from the septic tank cleaning process.

septic tank cleaning process

  • Accessing the Tank- The first step in the septic tank cleaning process is to access the tank itself. This means exposing the lid and opening it. Sometimes tank lids become corroded and weak, making them prone to breaking as they are lifted. Don’t worry if this happens to you, as we at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic carry extra lids and can replace yours in no time.
  • Pumping the Tank- The next step to septic tank cleaning is to pump all the sludge out of the tank. To do this, our team at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic will use a hose connected to our vacuum truck—we’ll lower the hose into the tank, then start the vacuum to remove the sludge. After it’s removed, we’ll wash out the tank with water to ensure that as little sludge as possible remains.
  • Inspecting and Closing the Tank- After pumping your tank, our technicians will inspect it for corrosion, invasive roots, or other issues. This allows us to catch problems early and correct them before they can become serious. Once that’s done, the final step in septic tank cleaning is to close the lids and re-cover the tank.

What to Expect from the Septic Tank Cleaning Process

We at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic hope that this information is helpful to you. If you are in need of septic tank cleaning, just call our team to arrange a visit.