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Septic Cleaning ServicesJust as you wouldn’t allow leaves to build up in gutters or the lawn to go without mowing, regular septic cleaning services will give you the best life and best function for your system and reduce your long-term costs.

First, know exactly what you’re putting into the septic system. Harsh chemicals or objects or waste that isn’t biodegradable will only serve to clog the system and compromise its function. Regular septic cleaning services aim to identify any foreign non-biodegradable objects before they make their way to the drain field and clog drainage pores.

Second, know your system and how much it is capable of handling at any one time. Most septic systems are not able to handle the influx of water from multiple loads of laundry in a short amount of time. Spacing loads of laundry over separate days and being careful of other wastewater from the kitchen and elsewhere will simplify the time and severity of any septic cleaning services you might need.

Third, most septic systems are designed for a thirty-year lifespan. Regular maintenance will give these systems the best life, whether you have a newly-installed system or one nearing the end of its lifespan.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we’ve been a family business specializing in septic and waste disposal needs since 1959. We’re a state certified septic inspection company and specialize in repairs of all aspects of a septic or sump pump system. Whether it’s a new construction or a small repair, we have all your commercial or residential solutions at an affordable price!