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When you are shopping for new homes on the real estate market, you may have come across many different properties that include septic tanks. However, as a new homeowner, how do you know what to expect from a septic tank, and should you invest in a home with one of these systems? While there are many questions you may have about septic tanks, here are answers to three common questions that may help you make the best decision:

New Homeowner? Here Are a Few Answers to Your Questions About Septic Tanks

  1. Is it Okay to Buy a Home with a Septic Tank? Septic tanks are a fairly common addition to many homes as a method for waste management. It’s important to ask during the process of home selection whether the septic tank is in good condition and make sure you feel confident the previous homeowner has taken good care of this home waste management system.
  2. When Should I Have an Inspection? If you have found the home of your dreams with the exception that it has a septic tank, don’t worry. You can always ask for a professional inspection during your initial negotiations and ensure that the septic tank in question is repaired, replaced, or restored as part of the contingency that you buy the home. If you decide to purchase the home without an inspection, that should be the first thing on your priority list as a new homeowner.
  3. Are Septic Tanks Safe? Septic tanks are safe as residential and commercial waste management systems as long as they are cared for properly. Problems with septic tanks arise when they are left without care for too long or your home or business’ plumbing also experiences problems.

If you have further questions about septic tanks as a new homeowner, feel free to contact us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic for more information. We provide free estimates for septic pumping and repair, and we’ll make sure your new home’s septic system is in great shape. Call today to get started!