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Septic Tank Cleaning, Plant City, FLOver time, solid waste from your home makes its way to your septic tank and settles at the bottom of it. Although the liquid waste eventually makes its way out to your system’s drain field, the solid waste continues to accumulate, leaving less and less room for additional wastewater. While regular septic tank pumping can get rid of most of this waste, it’s best to finish off the process with septic tank cleaning.

At Leek Kirk & Sons Septic, we provide septic tank cleaning services in the Plant City, Florida area and can help you eliminate built-up waste from your tank. When our team cleans out septic tanks, we’ll use a truck with a large suction to remove the solid waste. This way, the septic system continues to work efficiently and effectively.

Keep in mind that how often you need to turn to us for septic tank cleaning depends on the number of people who live in your household, how much water you use on a daily basis, and how large your septic tank is. For most people, having their septic tank cleaned out every three to five years is enough to keep it up and running.

Remember, it’s always better to turn to us for septic tank cleaning before a problem develops and your septic system’s functionality is compromised. If you’d like to receive a free estimate on this service or find out more about what we do when we clean septic tanks, get in touch with us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic today.