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Septic Services in Winter Haven, Florida

If your home has a septic system instead of using a municipal sewer system, the responsibility for keeping it operating properly is on your shoulders. You’ll also be the one to have to pay for repairs and replacement if it does run into trouble. The key to avoiding those expenditures is to call a reputable company for residential septic services and to understand the proper care of the system.

The most common advice given for residential septic services is to have the septic tank pumped and cleaned every three to five years. However, you won’t know where in that range is best unless you have a firm understanding about what influences that timetable.  A professional can go over contributors like family size, septic tank size, and more to give you a better idea. It is important to have a good plan in place because if you have pumping done too often, you are throwing money away, but if you do it too seldom, you are harming the system and could face costly results.

The next thing to understand is that you shouldn’t wait till pumping is needed to call for residential septic services. Your system should be inspected every one or two years to make sure all is well. It is always better to catch a problem when it is small. This is the time your contractor can alert you to things you may be doing wrong that are harming the system, such as flushing non-biodegradable items or parking a car on top of the tank or drainfield. You should also call when you are doing landscaping or an outdoor improvement to be sure you aren’t endangering the system.

If you have questions about residential septic services in Polk County, Florida, give us a call at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic. Since 1959, we have earned a reputation for quality and integrity that you can rely on for getting the longest life from your septic system.