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Many customers might think that the only function of septic services is to periodically pump waste from their septic tank. However, this is only one part of a larger picture. A well-rounded septic services provider will work with the homeowner to get the best function and longest life out of the septic system, and then help the homeowner make the best choice for their home when the time comes to replace or refurbish their septic system.

Septic Services: More Than Pumping

The nature of septic systems does place a limit on the lifespan of septic tanks and other associated parts, much like a roof or a water heater. When properly maintained, septic systems should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, although several mitigating factors can extend or drastically shorten this lifespan.

Septic ServicesSeptic services take into account the factors most likely to affect a septic system, its longevity, and the quality of its functions. First, the wastewater flow to the septic system needs to be such that the tank can allow the solid waste to settle. Too much and there is a risk of backflow or overflowing the tank and sending untreated waste into the drain field; too little and the anaerobic bacteria in the tank responsible for breaking up compounds in the wastewater cannot effectively do their job.

Second, the size of the tank should be enough to allow wastewater to be treated effectively, and should be appropriate for the size of the home and the number of people it serves.

Third, the drain field should be regularly monitored, and any problems indicating an issue with the drain field should be assessed and corrected.

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