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Septic System CleaningEverything that goes down the drains in your home travels to the septic tank. Some solids float, and some sink. Bacteria in the tank break down this waste as much as possible into liquid, which then, along with water that enters the tank, flows to the drain field where the waste is absorbed into the ground.

Over time, the bacteria struggle to break down all the solids that build up. If these aren’t removed by periodic septic system cleaning, the tank eventually allows the solids to wash out to the drain field where they start to clog the soil there. If the soil clogs too much, the system can no longer handle flushing.

The only way to avoid failure is with regular septic system cleaning by a professional septic contractor. You MUST have this done! If a tank isn’t cleaned often enough, the waste entering it has less time to settle. Pieces of floating solids are able to flow out into the drain field. Eventually, the system will crash. When this type of failure occurs, the entire drain field may need to be replaced and, often, also the soil.

The frequency of septic system cleaning depends on:

  • Amount of solids in wastewater
  • Volume of wastewater
  • Tank capacity or size


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