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Septic Tank Installation in LakelandMost people who move into a home where there is a septic tank installation have little knowledge of how to maintain it. As a result, many systems fail unnecessarily, and the price for failure is steep.

Did you know that your washing machine can be one of the main culprits of septic failure? That’s because the lint generated can eventually clog the drain field. And did you know that the amount of lint produced by the average household washing machine in a year could carpet an entire room?

Fortunately, lint can be prevented from harming septic tank installations through the use of an inline filter, which is attached to the washing machine’s discharge hose. These filters are reusable. Ask your septic contractor for more information.

Also, doing many loads of laundry over a short period of time can damage your septic tank. On average, a washing machine uses about 62 gallons of water per load. On heavy washing days, you could easily put up to 600 gallons of water down the drain in just a few hours. Instead, do one or two loads a day. This way you are spreading out your water use, which is a good thing for septic tanks.


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