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Septic Drain FieldThe first thing that can affect the lifespan of a septic drain field is excessive grease because it congeals in the tank or in the sewer line leading to the tank. A layer of solid fat accumulates, which can’t be properly broken down by the system’s bacteria. Grease should always be kept out of septic tanks – in fact, it should be treated as garbage.

Chemicals That Destroy Septic Bacteria

Certain chemicals can kill the good bacteria that your system needs to function efficiently. If these chemicals are allowed in a septic tank, they can seriously affect the decomposition of waste solids, and it can take months for the bacteria to reestablish themselves.

Non-Biodegradable Products

These are made of plastic, cellulose and other non-biodegradable materials. They include condoms, sanitary napkins/tampons, dental floss, cotton swabs, infant wipes, hand wipes, disposable diapers, and cigarette butts. These things can get stuck in the pump, or plug the baffles, lines and septic drain field perforations.

Hydraulic Overloading

This occurs when the soil under the septic drain field becomes saturated. The condition is caused by leaking plumbing fixtures, or an undersized drain field, or surge loading (doing big loads of laundry on one day). Clothes washing should be spaced out during the week.


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