Should You Consider an Aerobic Septic System? [infographic]

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When you need a septic system on your property, you have a choice to make. Are you going to purchase a conventional septic system, which relies on anaerobic bacteria to treat the waste, or are you going to go with an aerobic septic system, which uses aerobic bacteria to break down waste faster and more efficiently? Each has its own pros and cons, but today we’ll turn our attention to aerobic septic systems and whether getting one is the right choice for your property.

Should You Consider an Aerobic Septic System?


  • Cleaner Effluent- The effluent (liquid waste) an aerobic septic system produces is much cleaner than effluent produced by a conventional system. This means it’s better for the environment and minimizes the risk of water contamination in your area.
  • Require Less Space- A conventional septic system can be too large for some properties, but because an aerobic septic system doesn’t need a large drain field, you can save some space that way.
  • Faster Treatment- Aerobic bacteria break down waste faster than anaerobic bacteria can, and that means an aerobic septic system will reduce the volume of solid waste more efficiently.
  • Lasts Long- Some aerobic septic systems can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance.


  • Higher Initial Cost- An aerobic septic system will cost you more upfront, although its longevity and performance can help offset that cost.
  • Requires More Maintenance- Because aerobic septic systems are more complex and have extra parts like aerators, you’ll need to maintain your system frequently.
  • Uses Electricity- Aerobic septic systems use electricity to circulate air in the system, so your electricity costs may be higher.

Should You Consider an Aerobic Septic System?