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Pump RepairLike many things we take for granted in our modern life, something as small as a failed pump can have relatively major consequences if not quickly fixed. Pump repair can restore the system to moving wastewater or grey water through the system. Without a properly functioning pump, these systems would result in an inevitable backup that could compromise the larger septic system or even the plumbing of your home. That’s why it is important to get a pump repair as soon as the pump fails.

Simple awareness is usually the first key. Certain types of septic systems are completely gravity-driven, and have no moving parts or pumps. Others, due to a variety of factors, require a pump, usually to move the effluent from the initial septic tank to the drainage field or other treatment step. Knowing the precise type of system and its various components can help you know not only where the pump is, but can also make you aware of any potential functional alarms it may have to alert you for the need of a pump repair long before the septic system reaches a critical failure.

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