Tips for Septic Tanks [infographic]

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Your septic tank is a very vital part of your home and how it functions. Well-functioning septic tanks can make the difference between your sewer backing up in your drains and living in a clean and functional home. To help keep your septic tank functioning as it should, we have provided you with a list of important tips for septic tanks. Following these tips will help to extend the life of your septic tank and system.

Tips for Septic Tanks

  • Cleaned & Inspected – We recommend having your septic system cleaned and inspected every one to two years, depending on usage. This will help to keep your entire septic system working properly.
  • Water Minimally – To help extend the life of your septic tank, we recommend that you try and limit the amount of water your home uses on a daily basis. This can look like limiting the number of loads of laundry done to two per day, not allowing faucets to run while doing dishes or brushing teeth, or using your dishwasher once daily.
  • Be Careful What You Flush – Take care to never flush coffee grounds, tampons, grease, condoms, paper towels, cat litter or household chemicals down your toilets. These products are extremely harmful to your septic tank and entire system.
  • Minimal Chemicals – Try to limit the amount of household chemicals and cleaners. These chemicals are hard on your septic system. Instead of using harsh chemicals, try using baking soda or other mild cleaners.

Tips for Septic Tanks

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