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septic system cleaningAlthough many homeowners use septic tanks, they are still a mystery to most people. We get lots of questions, but the three most common are about septic system cleaning & pumping.

Why Does My Septic Tank Need To Be Cleaned? 

Septic system cleaning is the key to trouble-free operation. The tank’s job is to separate solid waste from wastewater and only allow the wastewater to enter the drain field. The less often the tank is cleaned, the more solids will enter the drain field. When this happens, the soil and drain field will clog and lead to system failure.

How Do I Know When The Tank Is Full? 

It could be said that a tank is always ‘full’; between cleanings, it will fill up to a certain level because it’s being used. The real question is: ‘How do I know how much sludge is in the tank?’ The only to know for sure is to open the system’s lids. However, you shouldn’t have a sludge problem if you schedule routine cleaning.

How Frequently is Septic Tanks Cleaning Needed? 

A conventional tank should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, depending on its size and household water usage. For instance, a family of 6 on a 1,000 gallon tank will need to have it pumped out more often than a family of 3 on a 1,000 gallon tank.

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