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When you buy a home, one of the things you make sure to take care of is getting it properly insured so that if something goes wrong after closing, you can get it taken care of without digging deep into your own wallet. One thing you may not realize, however, is that there are plenty of things your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover, and one of those is a failed septic system. It might also surprise you that most home inspectors only check to see if it is functioning well enough without digging deeper to find serious problem.

If you want to be sure the septic system isn’t headed for trouble even though symptoms haven’t yet surfaced, you should call a septic contractor to arrange for an inspection. By taking care of this before closing, you’ll have different options for handling any problems they may find. You may be able to renegotiate the selling price with the seller, have the seller get the repairs done prior to closing and pay for them, or even walk away from the property. Your realtor will be the best one to advise you in this situation as contracts and regulations can differ. A report from a septic contractor in hand will make the process easier.

Another benefit of calling a septic contractor before you close on the house is learning how close to needing pumping and servicing the system is. If it is due or even past due, you may be able to get the seller to take care of it, so you can start fresh in your new home. After all, the waste is really theirs, right?

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