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What to Know about Drain Field Repair and RemediesSeptic drain field repair is the worst kind. If your drain field is clogged with solids, the entire thing needs replacing. If you have not had the tank pumped periodically, solids can travel out of it and into the septic drain, causing the pores in the soil or the perforated distribution pipe to become clogged.

Another need for drain field repair is when root invasion occurs. While tree roots can absorb discharge, they can also clog trenches, disposal lines, and affect drain field functionality. Don’t use root-deterrent products because they contain bluestone (copper sulfate), which can kill the beneficial bacteria and poison the water table.

In areas where high groundwater is a problem, a septic system isn’t able to perform its cleaning duties. In this case, you’ll most likely need a septic contractor to improve the drainage.

There are 2 types of drain field failure: partial and full. If failure is partial, it typically works when the weather is dry but not during periods of high household use or in heavy rains. If the drain field is totally saturated, you’ll need professional drain field repair.

If you have more than one drain field on your property, inspect each of them to ensure nothing is overloaded. If you are fortunate, the installation of a distribution box with flow levelers may allow you to get by. Make sure you adjust the levelers so effluent can flow to any under-utilized lines. This allows the over-utilized ones to rejuvenate and rest – a process that can a few months. But, when all the fields are completely saturated, contact a drain field repair contractor for immediate help.


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