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Getting your septic system pumped could be needed for a variety of different reasons. Learning to tell what the signs are that mean you need septic system pumping are important if you own a home. Here are some of the most common signs that mean you may have a clogged septic system and pumping is needed right away:

How Often Do I Need Septic System Pumping?

  • Pooling water — If there is water pooling up in the area surrounding your drain field, it means that the drain lines may be clogged and that waste water is saturating the ground around the tank instead.
  • Septic System PumpingFoul Odors — Even if you don’t notice the presence of waste water on the ground, the presence of foul odors is a clear sign that something is wrong. This is definitely a time to call for septic system pumping.
  • Sewage backup –When you notice sewage backing up in the drains in your home, then your septic tank is probably full and you should have it pumped.
  • Slow drains — If you notice that your drains are not working well (i.e. you are still having trouble with your toilet backing up even after multiple plunges), then you will want to have your septic tank checked.
  • Lush grass — When your septic tank fills up, the grass around the tank will grow considerably greener as extra compost will be released into the ground around the tank. This is one way that many homeowners tell when it is time to call us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic to have septic system pumping done.

It is important to keep an eye out for these common signs because having your septic system pumped is not something that you should put off. For more information, contact us today.