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3 Signs You Need a Sump Pump Replacement

Here at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we want to help you take the best possible care of every part of your septic system, and that includes the sump pump. Not every system uses a sump pump, but if yours does, it’s important to keep it in good working order. Sump pumps are used in situations where the septic system has to be located uphill of the property it services, pumping the effluent into the tank since gravity can’t do the job. While sump pumps are designed to last for many years, unfortunately they don’t last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced. In this article, we’ll go over three signs that you may need sump pump replacement in the near future.

  1. Age. One sign that you may need a sump pump replacement is simply the age of your current pump. On average, the typical life expectancy of a sump pump is around ten years, so if yours is approaching or past that age, it may be time to replace it.
  2. Excessive Noise. Another indicator that you may be due for a sump pump replacement is excessive noise. While all sump pumps will produce some sound while running, you shouldn’t hear any thuds, rattles, gurgles, or grinding. These irregular noises mean that you likely have a problem with your motor–in some cases these problems can be repaired, but in others you may need a full replacement.
  3. Clogs. A third sign that you may need a sump pump replacement is frequent clogs in your current pump. While clogs can occur for a variety of reasons, from dirt and debris getting into the pump to the float switch becoming jammed, if you start to experience them on a frequent basis, then you may want to consider upgrading your pump to a more reliable model.