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sump pump replacementIf your sump pump has failed, or your home has changed in some aspect that alters the drainage of water around and inside your house, a sump pump replacement may be in order. While the local water table, elevation, and general terrain can all be factors in considering a sump pump, here are a few extra thoughts as you get ready to take the plunge.

How much water do you potentially need to move? Depending on the size of the space that’s below the water table or at risk for flooding, you’ll need to choose the proper horsepower for your sump pump replacement that will move enough water to keep your basement or sub-level space dry even during heavy storms.

Your sump pump replacement could be one of two types. Your choice will depend on your particular needs and space. Pedestal pumps sit with the motor above the well. The motor cannot get wet, is louder, and has a longer lifespan than other sump pump types. Submersible sump pumps rest inside the pit and are tightly sealed against water and debris. These models are usually more expensive, but balance this cost by being reliable, durable, and less conspicuous in a finished basement.

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