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Repairing your sump pump when it breaks down is important because of the huge amount of water it needs to pump on a regular basis. Understanding how your sump pump works and learning to tell when it is not functioning well is essential when it comes to getting sump pump repairs taken care of on time.

3 Ways to Tell if You Need Sump Pump Repairs Today

There are a few simple questions you should ask yourself to see if your sump pump is working properly:

Is the water level rising faster than it is being pumped out?

sump pump repairs in Tampa, FLIn this situation, it means that the horsepower of your pump is probably not high enough to take care of the water entering your home. Though we can repair your sump pump, you may want to consider purchasing a new unit.

Does the sump pump run during heavy rains?

If your pump is not turning on when it rains, it could be that your switch got stuck. When this happens, simply feel around for the switch and make sure it is not stuck on anything.

Does your sump pump whine or moan while running?

This is a sign that your sump pump is breaking down and you should consider having sump pump repairs performed on it.

Staying on top of the sump pump repairs your system needs is extremely important. If you are not sure about whether or not your sump pump needs repairs, be sure to call us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic.