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Septic repair can take many forms. The age of the system, the current load on the system versus the intended load when installed, the condition of the drain field, the soil percolation rate, and changes in the local water table and local flora can all cause damage to a septic system or complicate its repair. Before you start down the path of septic repair, here are some tips to help you along the way.

What to Know in Advance About Septic Repair

First, identify the source of the current septic problem. Waste water flowing in the wrong direction can often be a clue, but knowing where the blockage is at is most important. If the septic repair is in the tank or the drain field, is there a place where these systems could have been compromised or is the system itself nearing the end of its realistic life span? Knowing how often and who conducted any maintenance or pumping over the lifespan of the septic system can also be invaluable information to help diagnose and correct any issues with a septic system, as well as speed septic repair.

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