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It is no secret that the septic system in your home gets used multiple times on a daily basis. Every time a toilet flushes, someone takes a shower or bath, dishes are done, or the laundry is washed the septic system is used. You rely on your septic system to be able to do day-to-day tasks and chores, so it is important that you watch your septic system closely to make sure that nothing seems to be causing any problems. If you notice that something does not seem right, you need to call in a professional for septic repair as soon as possible.

Quality Septic Repair When You Need It Most

It might be hard for you to tell if you need septic repair. There are a few warning signs that you can look out for that will help you determine if repair is needed. One common sign that repair might be needed is that a bad smell is coming out of your drains. This can indicate a problem. Also, if your drains are slow to drain this might also indicate a problem. If you notice that your yard smells like sewage or if your drain field is soggy or flooded, septic repair is definitely needed. Finally, if raw sewage is backing up through your drains into your home, this is a sign that will tell you that something is for sure wrong and it needs to be looked at immediately.

If you feel like you might need septic repair at your home, contact us today at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic to set up a service appointment. We can be at your home in no time to diagnose and repair the problem.