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It is human nature to try to ignore a problem that you suspect is going to cost you money. However, when it comes to needing septic repair, there are some very good reasons why being a procrastinator could be a very risky thing. Not only should you be concerned about the potential for a real mess both inside your home and in the yard, but there are some potential health risks that could cost you far more than the septic repair bill, which you’d still have to deal with at that time.

  • Methane Gas – If you need septic repair, there is a chance that your system is leaking methane gas fumes. Not only is this toxic to you and your pets, but it is highly flammable, so you could lose your home, too.
  • Sulfide Gas – Sulfide gas is another emission you should be concerned about. While not as dangerous as methane, its rotten egg odor is unpleasant and can cause throat, nose, and mouth distress. If you notice this type of odor, don’t wait — call for septic repair right away.
  • Airborne Bacteria and Mold Spores – Septic systems are full of bacteria, and although they actually need that bacteria to function, if you need septic repair and those bacteria are now airborne inside your home, your family could face respiratory problems, such as sinus infections and difficulty breathing. The added moisture could also send mold spores into your home, which is a health hazard and could result in major mold growth in your home that is also damaging to the structure itself.

If you suspect you need septic repair, we urge you to call us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic. It is always better to know for sure and get any problem resolved than to risk your home and your family’s health.