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Drain Field RepairIf your septic system’s drain field has failed or is otherwise not performing to specification, there are multiple possible reasons and potential solutions. Once the drain field has been correctly identified as the source of the problem, the specific reason for the problem can also indicate the proper solution. A professional eye and training will usually result in the best, safest, and quickest drain field repair.

If extra sludge or grease has caused the malfunction, certain additives may be able to reverse the effect and aid in oxidation. Changing your water usage and habits, including laundry and dishwashing habits may also help reduce the amount of water introduced at one time into the system. If a build-up of the biomatter layer is at fault, your drain field repair may require the system to completely dry before continuing use. This could take significant time or the addition of a secondary and separate drain field, so it will be necessary to plan accordingly.

If you’ve inherited a system that is old, out of modern code, overgrown with tree roots, whose pipes have been broken, or where the drainage field’s soil has been compacted, it may be possible to complete a drain field repair that restores function to your entire septic system. Vehicles should never be parked nor structures built above a drainage field.

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