How to Spot an Ideal Septic Contractor

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Looking for an ideal septic contractor may not be part of your skillset; most of us are just barely aware that a septic tank’s part of our home. At the same time, it’s crucial you have a septic contractor on your side you can turn to. Here are a few tips for locating a septic contractor you can trust.

How to Spot an Ideal Septic Contractor

Some perks are crucial to stopping the overall cost from escalating. If you’re paying a septic contractor to pump your tank and he notices the filter’s clogged, that’s another substantial charge being added to the overall cost. Make sure to ask if filter cleaning’s included.

Warranties are tricky and that’s no surprise. If you’re paying for a whole new tank being installed, then you should get a years-long warranty at no extra cost. After all, the tank is supposed to last about forty years. If your septic contractor doesn’t want to give you a generous warranty, then he may not have true faith in his work.

Building materials factor into the longevity of your tank. Make sure your septic contractor uses only the best materials for installation and repairs. And finally, your septic contractor should offer emergency services, evenings and weekends included.

We at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic offer free filter cleaning on all septic tanks we pump and a five-year guarantee on our installed tanks. The building materials we use are top of the line and we’re always just a phone call away if anything goes wrong. Give us a call today!