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There are a variety of problems that can occur with your drain field that can keep it from working as it was intended to. It is a good idea to have us at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic take a look at your drain field and repair it before the damage becomes worse. One of the biggest reasons why you might have issues with your drain field is because of septic tank failure. There are a few different things that might cause this and each of them is something you need to learn to keep an eye out for, especially since drain field repairs can be expensive and they are often avoidable.

Noticing Nasty Odors in Your Yard? You Might Need Drain Field Repair
drain field repair in Tampa, FL
Most drain field repair problems develop with either the pumps, filters, and aerators, or the septic tank itself. An issue with the pump, filter, or aerator can easily be fixed by our skilled drain field repair technicians, but dealing with a degrading septic tank is a bit more challenging. When a septic tank degrades, it often happens because some of the chemicals that were flushed down your toilet start to have an adverse effect on your septic tank.

If you notice a problem with your septic tank or you are already noticing nasty odors in your yard, then give our professionals at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic a call. We’ll be sure to take care of even the worst of drain field repairs for you.