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septic servicesIf you are noticing odd odors in your home or yard, you may be wondering if you have a septic issue that needs to be resolved. Unfortunately, this is often the case as there are a number of situations that cause odors that will require a call for septic services. Sometimes, it can be a result of a problem with the system, but it can also be an installation error. Here are some possible causes of septic odors:

  • Air Flow – A properly installed septic tank involves including aeration to keep the good bacteria healthy so it can break down the solids. However, if this air flow is not exiting properly, it can cause odors in your home. The lack of a proper vent stack or another component for handling air flow correctly is correctable with proper septic services.
  • FOGs – This acronym stands for the three things that should not be sent to your septic system – Fats, Oils, and Grease. If this has happened due to a poorly installed or uncleaned grease trap, or just plain putting them down the drain, it can result in a problem in your septic tank. These materials kill the good bacteria that is needed for a healthy tank and the resulting anoxic conditions result in excessive odors. You need septic services to thoroughly clean the septic tank as well as grease trap.
  • Time for Pump Out – If your septic taSnk needs to be pumped out and cleaned, it can cause odors which can be a precursor to a full back-up in short order. You should call for septic services right away to avoid this unpleasant outcome.

If you would like a professional from Lee Kirk & Sons Septic to take a look at your septic system, just give us a call! We would be happy to check it out and let you know if it needs a good cleaning or if something else is going on.