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Here in Florida, not only is the grass greener, but so too are plants near a septic drain field, where additional soil nutrients and moisture provide a real boost to their growth. Since Floridian plants are particularly good at seeking water, they can be problematic around septic tank systems. However, with some planning, you can have both a trouble-free system and beautiful plants.

Perfect Plants to Place Over a Septic Drain Field

Non-woody perennials, small ornamental grasses and wildflowers are fine to plant over a septic drain field because they have shallow root systems that won’t invade the pipes. In fact, these plants are actually helpful, since they stabilize the soil’s surface and don’t disturb soil transpiration. But you should avoid large ornamental grasses like bamboo or pampas.

septic drain fieldVegetables have shallow roots, but are they safe to eat after growing near a septic tank? Well, the good news is that our septic systems in America are designed to eliminate biohazards. If ‘healthy’ bacteria-free wastewater enters your system, then the products of your soil should be healthy, as well.

Trees on top or even near a septic drain field must be avoided. Actual septic system-to-tree distance depends on the type of tree and its range of root growth. Typically, the distance should be equal to the expected height of a tree at its maturity, plus 20%. So a mature 30 ft. tree should be kept 36 ft. away from a septic system.

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