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DrainfieldIf you value your home and your checkbook, you already know the small maintenance tasks that can increase the life of your septic system and the money that can save you over time. One part of the system often overlooked is the drainfield. Here are some important things to know and consider about a drainfield and your septic system.

No matter how well-designed your home sewage and septic system is, these systems are effectively useless without a good drainfield. A good drainfield will work with your septic system to take the effluent away from the tank and spread it into the soil where it will safely and properly biodegrade.

Because we take so much pride in our workmanship we offer a free warranty of up to five years on all of our new drainfield systems. If any part of your drainfield fails within the warranty period, we will fix it for free. At the end of five years we will come out to inspect your system and clean your filter and let you know how well your system is still working and if you have any leaks or any other potential problems.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we’ve been a family business specializing in septic and waste disposal needs since 1959. We’re a state certified septic inspection company and specialize in repairs of all aspects of a septic or sump pump system. Whether it’s a new construction or a small repair, we have all your commercial or residential solutions at an affordable price!