Septic Cleaning Services Include Multiple Steps-- Here is What You Need to Know

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Just like with anything else, your septic system needs regular maintenance, which can sound overwhelming when you think about everything that includes, from your plumbing to your septic tank to the drain field as well. Inside the septic tank, there is solid matter that just stays at the bottom of the tank, while lighter matter/liquid will float to the top and go into the drain field. This is the reason why you need to make sure you are getting your septic tank cleaned regularly, so there is not too much back-up or build-up within the septic tank of the larger solids that go to the bottom of the septic tank.

Septic Cleaning Services Include Multiple Steps-- Here is What You Need to Know

Make sure you do not put anything too heavy right over your septic tank, such as any kind of vehicle or building structure. Also, make sure you do not plant any type of trees or shrubs over the top of the septic tank. When preparing for us to come in to do our septic cleaning services, it will make it faster if you have a diagram of where exactly your septic tank is, so we do not have to waste time trying to find it. Here are a few steps to explain what we will do when we do our septic cleaning services:

1.  Equipment– We will bring our big truck to remove sludge from the septic tank through suction.

2.  Filter– We will make sure to clean the filter inside your tank so that it can continue to separate the waste from the water.

3.  Check- The last thing we will do is to check for cracks or damage in the tank walls or roots growing close to or around the septic tank.