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drainfieldGenerally, most plumbing issues can be rectified with minimal headaches – but not so with septic drainfield problems – they are the worst kind. If your drainfield has failed, usually replacement is the only solution.

You may be in need of septic system services if:

  • You have drainfield problems, even if the tank has been pumped recently.
  • There are persistent wet spots on the field, or foul odors.
  • The tank is flooded.
  • Your plumbing gradually becomes slow, or it struggles when used heavily or during the wet months.

Drainfield repair may be possible if the septic tank is clogged with solids. If it hasn’t been pumped for a long time, then solids can migrate from the tank into the drain causing the pores in the soil or the distribution pipe to become clogged.

Another situation when you need the services of a septic contractor is if there is a root blockage. Do not use root deterrent products!! They contain “bluestone” (copper sulfate), which can poison the water table and kill off the good bacteria that your septic system needs.

There are two types of drainfield failure. It will work in dry weather if it has partially failed, but not during periods of high household use or in heavy rain. If it has failed completely, no remedial measures can be taken. You’ll need to discuss replacement with a professional septic contractor.

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