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drain field repairThe number of unscrupulous individuals in the plumbing, septic tank and drain field repair industry is at an all-time high, according to an article on AngiesList.com. So here are some things you should know to prevent becoming the victim of a scam or an unnecessary service.

Many of these bogus operators prey on widowed or divorced women and the elderly. They ask questions like, “Are you divorced?” or “Is your husband at home?” When the answer they’re looking for is given, they descend like vultures on their prey.

Employees of dishonest septic tank and drain field repair companies learn techniques that are designed to convince unsuspecting homeowners that there are worse problems than there actually are. Commonly, they travel in pairs. One is inside obtaining information from the homeowner while the other “septic contractor” is outside actually creating “evidence” that indicates the need for repair.

There are even stories about them carrying rocks, which they place in cleanouts or house traps in the home to ensure a blockage in the piping. They then have the audacity to show the homeowner the rocks they successfully removed, saying that they now need to repair the damage.

That’s why you should choose a qualified, experienced company to handle your septic & drain field repair needs. Most reputable contractors won’t come to your house unless you call them first. Unsolicited visits are a red flag.


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