What is a Drain Field Repair and What Does it Entail?

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Typically, you will need a drain field repair when you have a clog in the septic tank specifically the drain field, which is where the wastewater goes after going through the septic tank. The drain field repair includes unclogging the tank. After the septic tank is unclogged, there are four steps for preventing the drain field from getting clogged again:

1.  Buy a de-clogger for the septic drain field, which is typically some type of solvent that will remove the grease/oil that is causing the clog.

What is a Drain Field Repair and What Does it Entail?

2.  Put a snake through the toilet to unclog the toilet and any plumbing associating with the toilet. This is something that needs to be done periodically– typically at least once every couple of months.

3.  Don’t pour grease or oil in the septic system because these substances cause sludge to build up, clogging the drain field.

4.  Get routine maintenance in order to prevent issues further down the road.

Sometimes the drain field can become waterlogged; this means that too much water is flushed so the walls within the drain field and septic tank are never dry. This creates bacteria to grow and prevents water from seeping out through the pipes. Another issue with drain fields that might occur is when there are too many solids that are flushed with too much water; this can also cause clogs. Our services for drain field repair are reasonably priced, and we pride ourselves on fast service. We are even able to offer our services on the weekend for emergencies.