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Why Septic Tank Pumping Should Only Be Done by ProfessionalsSome people online and elsewhere suggest that you can perform your own septic tank pumping to save a little money. This is not a good idea, though, and you should never tamper with, or allow any other amateur to tamper with, your septic system. Here are three top reasons why only a professional should clean out your septic system:

  1. Health hazards. Septic tank systems work by allowing microorganisms to break down sewage so it can be absorbed by the soil in the drain field. During this process, gasses are produced that can be extremely dangerous, as they can cause severe health problems if inhaled and are also often highly flammable. Trained septic professionals are properly equipped and know how to safely handle these gasses to prevent danger to themselves and others during septic tank pumping. Raw sewage can also be highly corrosive and contain disease-causing pathogens and must only be handled with extreme caution by people who know exactly what they are doing.
  2. Risk of damage. Although it may seem like a simple device at first glance, a septic system is carefully designed and constructed to function efficiently with very little maintenance. An amateur who attempts to pump out your septic tank is very likely to cause some damage. Even seemingly slight damage could cause the entire system to stop operating properly and result in a very major and expensive repair.
  3. Removal of waste.  The solid and liquid waste materials removed during septic tank pumping can’t simply be pumped onto the ground or into a large hole, as some people suggest. This is extremely dangerous, as it can lead to the contamination of above-ground and underground water sources, causing the uncontrolled multiplication of bacteria and possibly leading to the spread of diseases. The effluent pumped out of your tank must be removed from your property and dumped at an approved waste water treatment plant. Professional septic services companies have arrangements with these facilities and will be in possession of any required permits.


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