Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Essential

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If you know the basics of how a septic system works, you know your septic tank accumulates a significant amount of sludge and scum over time. The only way to ensure your septic system continues functioning is to remove this waste, at that means you need a septic company to provide regular septic tank pumping.

Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Essential

Here are a few reasons septic tank pumping is so essential:

  • It prevents sewage backups. There is limited space in your septic tank, so if the sludge and scum within it starts to build up too much, it could clog the drain field and send sewage back into your home or building. A sewage backup is a health hazard that can be very expensive to deal with, but septic tank pumping can prevent this problem if you do it frequently enough. Every 3 to 5 years is customary for most homes.
  • It protects the environment. If sludge reaches your drain field, it won’t just clog the system; it will contaminate the soil and perhaps groundwater too, not to mention that your property is going to smell terrible. To keep the environment, your neighbors, and yourself safe, don’t neglect septic tank pumping.
  • It helps you avoid repairs. As you might expect, a clogged septic system can cause problems like leaking pipes. If you want to avoid expensive repairs, preventative maintenance and pumping are key.
  • It improves your system’s efficiency. Even if your septic system isn’t inhibited completely by a buildup of waste, it still won’t work as well as it could if you neglect pumping. Septic tank pumping will ensure that your system produces cleaner wastewater faster.

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