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septic tanksWhether you’re in the market to buy a house or you already own a home with a septic tank or well for sewage, there are a few things to know/do in order to keep your system flowing effortlessly.

Before you buy…

  • Verify what tests your mortgage lender and/or state requires regarding septic tanks and wells.
  • Regardless of what’s required, you should still have the well-water professionally tested. This is the only way of knowing the condition of the water.
  • Have a professional inspect the pump equipment for the well to ensure it has been properly maintained.
  • Have the septic system inspected (dye test, tank lid opened, drain field probed).

Most septic tanks are buried 18 to 24″ below the ground. If the cover is not easily accessible, have a professional septic contractor bring it up to ground level. This is a very beneficial, low-cost way to enhance septic tanks. A great time to do this is during an inspection. From then on, you will be able to access the tank easily.

Have the pump and equipment for the well inspected every year. It’s an affordable way to make sure everything is working okay. Keep an eye on the pressure in the expansion tank – if you lose this, the pump will start and stop more often than necessary and be at risk of premature failure.

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