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Don’t neglect the importance of septic tank maintenance!

When you have a septic system, the wastewater your home produces is treated on your own property. With a series of different parts that are interdependent upon one another, the septic system can treat wastewater and solid waste just as good as, if not better than, a city wastewater treatment option. If you are in Central Florida, then you know having a septic system is not uncommon around here. At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we want to help you care for all aspects of your septic system, including the septic tank.

Septic Tank Maintenance in Central Florida

The septic tank is a critical component of your septic system. It is here that solids gather and accumulate, while effluent wastewater is further treated and passed through the rest of the system. Your tank is a place of a lot of bacterial activity, where the good bacteria are constantly breaking down the waste solids. Ensuring that your septic tank is in the best condition to facilitate this bacterial breakdown is important, and septic tank maintenance is the preventative measure that you need!

Septic tank maintenance by our team of experts will do wonders in offering you peace of mind for your system. During our septic maintenance checks, we will look for signs of cracking, leaks or other issues that might interfere with your septic tank’s integrity or abilities to perform properly. We often perform septic tank maintenance after the tank has been pumped so we can get a better look at every part of the tank.

Our experts are ready to get to work for you. If you have questions about our septic tank maintenance options or would like a free estimate on any of our services, please give us a call today!

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we offer septic tank maintenance services in Polk County and the rest of Central Florida, including Lakeland, Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, Tampa, Bartow, Brandon, Lake Wales, Pine Hills, Fort Meade, Haines City, and East Tampa.