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We can install and maintain an aerobic septic system, as well as diagnose and repair any issues.

There are two main types of septic systems available for residential properties. One is called an anaerobic system, and the other is called an aerobic septic system. They share a few similarities but typically contain different components to store and process waste. Aerobic septic systems rely on mechanical components to treat waste and put treated wastewater back into the ground. Additionally, this type of system has aerobic bacteria, which rely on air to survive and play an important role in the treatment of wastewater in the system.

Aerobic Septic System in Polk County, Florida

The main components of an aerobic septic system include the tank, the absorption field or drain field, and the aerobic treatment unit (ATU). Some systems also include a disinfectant chamber, which is where wastewater undergoes an additional layer of treatment. Air gets pumped into the ATU to keep the aerobic bacteria alive, ensuring that they can treat the liquid waste as it enters. With so many moving and functioning parts, an aerobic septic system requires ongoing care and maintenance. But not all septic contractors have the knowledge or experience needed to work on this type of system.

If you have a property with an aerobic septic system in Polk County, Florida, our team at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic can take care of it. We have years of experience in the septic industry and have worked on countless systems over that time. We can install and maintain an aerobic septic system, as well as diagnose and repair any issues. Contact us to learn more about the septic services we provide.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we install aerobic septic systems in Polk County and the rest of Central Florida, including Lakeland, Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, Tampa, Bartow, Brandon, Lake Wales, Pine Hills, Fort Meade, Haines City, and East Tampa.