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Aerobic Septic System, Central Florida

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Our team can determine whether an aerobic septic system would work for your needs.

When you start comparing septic systems, you may hear the words “aerobic” and “anaerobic” being thrown around, but what do they mean? We’ll break it down – an aerobic septic system relies more heavily on oxygen to break down waste and treat wastewater inside of its components. The treatment of the waste occurs in stages, beginning with the pre-treatment stage that occurs in the tank or just before the waste enters the tank. Many septic tanks have filters that separate liquid waste from solid waste, allowing the solid waste to settle in layers, forming what is called sludge. The wastewater can then move on to the aeration chamber within the aerobic septic system, where it is force-mixed with air via a blower or air compressor. This step in the treatment process helps encourage bacterial growth that allows for solids to be properly treated and eliminated. Finally, the treated water, now known as effluent, moves into the drain field where it can be reabsorbed into the soil around the pipes.

Aerobic Septic System in Central Florida

Determining whether an aerobic septic system is right for your property depends on the layout and available space. If you have a small yard or live where the water table is high, such as near a lake or river, a conventional septic system probably wouldn’t work, leaving you without a functioning waste processing and storage system. Our team at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic can determine whether an aerobic septic system would work for your needs. We provide installation and maintenance services for septic systems located throughout Central Florida. Contact us today to get a quote on a system for your property and we’ll decide which type of system will work best.

Here at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic we offer quality Aerobic Septic System for customers in Central Florida, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Plant City, Bartow, Brandon, East Tampa, Davenport, Lakeland Highlands, and the surrounding cities.