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Advantages of an Aerobic Septic SystemIn comparison to anaerobic bacteria systems, an aerobic septic system has five key advantages:

  1. Drain Field: An aerobic system can be more effectively used with a small drain field than a traditional system.
  2. Effluent: Aerobic systems are capable of producing cleaner effluent than other septic systems. This is especially beneficial when septic tanks are needed in areas where the environment is fragile – for example, locations with high water tables.
  3. Speed: Aerobic bacteria break waste down quicker than anaerobic bacteria. As such, solids don’t accumulate as fast, and the system won’t have to be pumped as frequently.
  4. Amount: An aerobic septic system breaks down larger amounts of solids BEFORE they leave the system. This means that fewer solids are able to reach the drain field and the environment.
  5. Repair: A septic contractor can repair a traditional system by replacing it with an aerobic one. Also, wastewater generated by an aerobic septic system might have the ability to clean a failing drain field as it travels through the system. This saves the cost of digging up the entire field to replace it.

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