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5 Key Advantages of an Aerobic Septic SystemAn aerobic septic system has some key advantages over an anaerobic system. Some of these advantages include the size of the leach field, wastewater and speed. Let’s discuss these advantages in more detail.

  1. Leach Field (a.k.a. Drain Field): An aerobic septic system can work more effectively with a small drain field than a conventional system can. A smaller leach field dramatically reduces the amount of space needed for the septic system, so, in locations where large fields are not acceptable, this is useful.
  2. Speed: This is another key advantage of an aerobic septic system. The bacteria break wastewater down faster than anaerobic bacteria do. As such, solids don’t build up as quickly, and the system won’t need to be pumped as frequently.
  3. Effluent: An aerobic septic system can produce much cleaner effluent than a conventional system. This is especially helpful when septic tanks are used in locations where the environment is fragile, such as a place with a high water table.
  4. Amount: It’s important to prevent as much solid waste as possible from leaving the system. Aerobic bacteria can break down significantly larger amounts of solids before they leave the septic system. Therefore, fewer solids reach the environment or the drain field.
  5. Repair: An aerobic septic system can be used to repair a conventional system. When a conventional system fails, a septic contractor can install an aerobic system in its place. The wastewater may be able to clean a failing drain field as it goes through, thereby saving the cost of digging up the entire field to have it replaced.


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