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When deciding on a septic system for your home, one of the choices is an aerobic septic system. The benefits of going aerobic include an almost indefinite lifespan, high efficiency, and possibly less land for the drain field.


Why is this type of system different to others? Well, the answer is oxygen. Lots of it! Oxygen is the key to a healthy aerobic septic system. The high content of oxygen encourages the growth of more bacteria to decompose waste. Although aerobic septic systems need electricity and a higher level of maintenance, they break down solids more quickly and pose fewer threats to the environment.

Maintenance Musts:

  • Don’t overload the system. Spread out laundry loads.
  • Keep detailed maintenance records.
  • Use septic-safe, biodegradable products, especially toilet paper.
  • Don’t put sanitary pads, diapers, tampons, oil, food scraps, cigarette butts, or grease down the sinks or toilets.
  • Keep your aerobic septic system alkaline by using septic-safe cleaning products.
  • Have the tank pumped every 2 to 3 years by a professional septic contractor.
  • Have leaking toilets and faucets repaired.
  • Check periodically for insect damage, especially in summer. Insects can harm electrical components in the system – breaker boxes, for example.

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