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How to Care for Your ‘Living’ Aerobic Septic SystemSome bugs are good! An aerobic septic system is a ‘living’ entity that’s home to a colony of good bacteria that feed off organic waste efficiently and naturally. To survive, these microorganisms need oxygen and food in the form of organic waste that’s devoid of toxins. To take good care of your aerobic septic system, here are some DON’TS:

  • Don’t dispose alcoholic beverages, oils, fats, grease, herbicides, pesticides or other toxins into your aerobic septic system.
  • Don’t overuse your garbage disposal. Grease, food waste, etc. should be placed in a waste bin. If it is disposed of in your aerobic septic system, it puts an extra load on the treatment unit, resulting in an increase of pump-out intervals.
  • Don’t dispose auto fluids, household chemicals, or paints into the system. The same applies to mop water.
  • Don’t use your septic system to dispose of non-biodegradable items such as paper towels, bandages, coffee grounds, hair, feminine hygiene products, condoms, disposable diapers and cigarette butts. These can cause pump failure.
  • Don’t dispose citrus products such as grapefruit, lemons, oranges, etc.
  • Don’t use additives or drain cleaners that are meant for conventional systems. These are not suitable for an aerobic septic system.
  • Don’t connect another water source to your aerobic septic system.

If anyone in your household has to take prescription medications, antibiotics or is undergoing chemotherapy, the health of your bugs may be compromised. Contact a septic system specialist to take the necessary measures by adding more good bugs into your septic system. Also remember that discharge from water softeners can kill the bacteria in your aerobic septic system, and it can also cause excessive water loading.


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