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How to Tell if You Need to Call a Drain Field Repair ProfessionalProblems with septic drain fields are the worst kind. Other types of plumbing issues can usually be rectified with minimal headaches – well, at least the headaches are minimal in comparison to a clogged septic drain field. Below are some signs that you are in need of drain field repair:

  • There are wet spots on the drain field and a foul odor.
  • The plumbing gradually becomes slower, or it slows down when you use it during the wet months, or you use it heavily.
  • The tank is flooded.
  • There are still problems even if the tank has been recently pumped.

Moreover, drain field repair may be required if solids have clogged the tank. If it has not been pumped recently, solids can migrate out of it and enter the drain, causing the pores in the soil or the perforated distribution pipe to become clogged. Also, the septic tank will not be able to perform its cleaning action if you have high groundwater problems. Any of these issues will need to be assessed by a professional.

Root blockages can also lead to the need for drain field repair. While root growth absorbs discharge, it can also clog trenches and disposal lines and impede drain field function. Never use root-deterrent products because they contain copper sulfate, which can kill the ‘good’ bacteria and poison the water table.

There are 2 types of drain field failure – partial and complete. If it’s partial, it works in dry weather but not during periods of high household use or heavy rains. You will need to contact a drain field repair service for both types of failure.


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