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pump repairHaving friends or family staying is enjoyable, fun – and chaotic! When extra people are living in your home, the increased water usage can wreak havoc on a septic system. So, if you’re expecting company, follow these tips to avoid the need for potentially expensive pump repair.

  • Call a professional septic contractor if the septic alarm sounds, or cut back on water usage the following day to help the system catch up with the extra water being processed.
  • You may notice that the sink backs up because of the increased amount of food preparation. If this occurs, don’t use a liquid drain cleaner to unclog the blockage. Instead, use a plunger to try and clear it, or call a pump repair professional.
  • You might also notice that the toilets start clogging up because of increased use and additional flushing. If the toilets are backing up and don’t work properly – even after plunging – call your septic contractor.
  • While your guests are there, try to avoid doing laundry. If they need to do some washing, ask them to space the loads out over a few days, instead of doing it all in one day.


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