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sump pump replacementAs with any mechanical device, sooner or later, you will need sump pump replacement. But how do you know when the end of its life is not far away? Here are 3 things to watch for.

  1. Pedestal-style pump: These are now pretty antiquated. They tip over easily, tend to be noisy and aren’t built as solidly as modern standard submersible pumps. If you’ve still got one, do yourself a favor and opt for sump pump replacement.
  1. Long run times: The next time your pump kicks in, listen to it. If it runs for an abnormally long time (several minutes), it’s probably underpowered.
  1. Frequent on and off: If a sump pump cycles on and off too often, even during heavy rain, there’s something wrong. If the problem isn’t rectified, it can cause the motor to prematurely burn out. Frequent cycling could also be a sign that the basin is not big enough for the volume of water it must handle.

If you are noticing the above signs in your home, it’s probably time for sump pump replacement, unless you’re happy to roll the dice on the old one. But if it fails, your basement is in for a drenching, which is bad enough if it’s only used for storage, but a costly disaster if it’s a finished living space for your family.

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