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residential septic servicesOSTDS (Onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems), also known as residential septic services, are an effective and safe means of treating wastewater for 30% of the population in Florida. This state represents 12% of America’s septic systems, with an estimated 2.6 million in operation.

Properly designed, constructed, installed and maintained septic tanks protect Florida’s groundwater, which provides 90% of the state’s drinking water. Inspection and permitting of septic services is handled by the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Section. In order to maintain a healthy environment OSTDS should be inspected, serviced and maintained by a licensed septic contractor.

In Polk County, the Health Department evaluates, inspects and permits the installation of repaired and new residential septic services. This is critical to public health because it ensures that diseases stay out of drinking water.

Only licensed plumbers or registered septic tank contractors are allowed to work on septic systems. In order to install or make repairs to these, permits must be obtained from the Health Department. Homeowners are only allowed to have repairs performed on residences which they personally occupy. Polk County’s sewage program was implemented to ensure the health of all residents by protecting them against diseases related to OSTDS.

More information on these initiatives can be found at SepticSearch.com.


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